Real Fireplace with Natural Sound

With September coming to a close the weather starts getting colder and having a fire in a fireplace is something that we all look forward to. However, its not always possible to have a fire but having the ambiance is important. This video allows you to have a virtual fireplace going in the background or in the room while you go about your business. This video fireplace features natural sound of a roaring fire! If you listen carefully, you might also pickup the faint sound of a cock ticking off in the distance.

Sunrise over a New England Lake in Early Fall

As summer fades in New England there are some subtle changes that start occurring on the landscape. Most people think of our foliage but other things happen as well. As the temperature cools so does the land and water but they can often be slow to change. When the air is colder than the water fog can form on the water surface. When the air is still like it usually is before dawn it can be quick pretty.

At sunrise and sunset we often miss out on details that come and go by very quickly. Here is a video showing sunrise over a lake in New England in early fall shown in real time. This video has natural sound which allows you to be immersed in the scene and enjoy those details that you might normally miss. Watch how quickly the color in the sky comes and goes and even moves across the sky!

Bees Pollinating Flowers

Here’s another video showing something that we often take for granted – bees pollinating flowers. This is a one hour recording of bees pollinating the flowers on our hydrangea bush. The flowers were in peak bloom and bees were hitting just about everyone. You can even hear the bees buzzing the microphone from time to time. In the background we can see some clouds floating by.

Cows in a Meadow

Sometimes we dive by a farm and the cows in a meadow just become something in the background and we miss the beautiful details of cows just being cows eating their way across a meadow. This recording is of a group of cows doing just that – eating their way across a meadow. It gives us an opportunity to listen to the sounds of a meadow with cows in it as they make their way from one side to another.

I tried to edit the sound to eliminate some of the traffic sounds.

Summer Night Sounds of New England

There is a something special about evening and nightfall on a summer day in New England. When the sun sets the birds go to sleep and a chorus begins. It can become a background sound but when you stop to hear it it’s a special sound. This is a recording that we completed one summer evening using binaural microphones which gives you an immersive experience with headphones. The recording was extended to 10 hours to provide a background sound for someone looking for something to have on in the background for sleeping, relaxing or meditating.

To make this sound more enjoyable I’ve provided a dark black screen with the sound playing in the background.