Here on the Captured Nature Channel we explore and record nature and allow nature to be the star. Come with us on our journey!

Our Videos

If you enjoy nature scenes that include natural audio, you will love our videos! Our videos are like a longer version of the CBS Sunday Morning “Moments in Nature” segment. We choose a theme and then record those scenes in HD or UHD and capture the audio using high quality audio equipment in binaural audio. Binaural audio is like high definition audio recording. With headphones it allows you to immerse yourself into the scene.

Our Travels

Our family loves to travel! We love to travel to new places and explore all the nature that place has. In our travels we stop to enjoy the scenes that nature presents and then capture them in our videos.

We’ve recently purchased an RV travel trailer to facilitate our travels and allow us to spend more time in nature. As part-time RVers we also want to share our RV experiences and help others who might be looking to purchase and travel in an RV.