Cows in a Meadow

Sometimes we dive by a farm and the cows in a meadow just become something in the background and we miss the beautiful details of cows just being cows eating their way across a meadow. This recording is of a group of cows doing just that – eating their way across a meadow. It gives us an opportunity to listen to the sounds of a meadow with cows in it as they make their way from one side to another.

I tried to edit the sound to eliminate some of the traffic sounds.

Summer Night Sounds of New England

There is a something special about evening and nightfall on a summer day in New England. When the sun sets the birds go to sleep and a chorus begins. It can become a background sound but when you stop to hear it it’s a special sound. This is a recording that we completed one summer evening using binaural microphones which gives you an immersive experience with headphones. The recording was extended to 10 hours to provide a background sound for someone looking for something to have on in the background for sleeping, relaxing or meditating.

To make this sound more enjoyable I’ve provided a dark black screen with the sound playing in the background.

Our First Nature Video!

Today we published our first nature video! This morning we visited Bigelow Hollow State Park and surrounding areas and captured some scenes as the sun rose. We were greeting with canoe paddlers canoeing while fog rolled over the surface of the water. The sunlight trickled down through the forest canopy and provided some nice scenes on the forest floor. We also captured some water flowing in a rocky stream. It’s been dry so the water level is down but it still provides a nice sound.