Last month YouTube informed us that our channel could no longer monetized because we were reusing other peoples videos on our channel. You know that is false because shoot and record all of our videos ourselves. However, even when we showed that, YouTube would come back to us and say “after a careful review we have determined that your channel is reusing other peoples videos without significantly changing them”. It turns out that this may have to do with our black screen videos and so now we are replacing our black screen videos – starting with the frog chorus video.

Despite there being two parts to a video – visual and audio, it looks like YouTube only looks at the visual aspect. They don’t seem to care what the commentary is in the audio. We know this because we created the black screen videos to have audio we recorded in nature play while viewers relaxed or even slept. The audio would be half of the video but even though it is different than other people’s videos, YouTube still claimed we were using other peoples content.

They wouldn’t tell us it was the black screen. In our appeals we specifically asked about black screens and all they would say was “after a careful review we have determined that you channel is reusing other peoples content”.

Monetization is key to our moving the channel forward as it helps pay for fuel and equipment to capture more scenes from nature in different places. That being said, spending hundreds if not thousands of hours capturing and creating content only to be told by strangers that we were using other peoples content was an insult.

As a result, we are going to slowly take down and replace our black screen videos with dark screens to meet the requirements and hopefully move the channel forward. This week we are starting with our most popular video, the Frog (peepers) chorus. This new video features the wetland that are home to these critters.

For more videos like this one, check out our YouTube Channel or click here for a list of our nature videos.

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