How Maple Syrup is Made – The Maple Syrup Journey or A Journey of a Thousand Drops! –

Every spring maple syrup producers set out on a journey to make maple syrup. The journey starts with tapping maple trees and the journey continues collecting the thousands of gallons of maple sap and pumping it over and over until it reaches the maple syrup evaporator. There the maple sap boils until it becomes syrup. The syrup is then filtered, re-heated and bottled before it reaches the table.

Take the journey with us on our farm and see how maple syrup is made, including tapping trees with primitive tools, listening to sounds of spring as sap drips in the buckets and flow into tanks. See how the evaporator is fired with a wood fire and boiled and how the canning process works in this journey or real maple syrup – the journey of a thousand drops!

This was recorded on our farm and around our area as we got ready for the maple season, tapped our trees and boiled our sap.

For those looking for a description of what is going on, turn on closed captions.

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