Autumn Winds in New England

Autumn Winds in New England | Binaural Audio and Natural Sound for Relaxation, Meditation –

This is 10 hours of natural autumn wind sound recorded in binaural audio for an immersive experience. The scene is a fall day on a quiet road and the leaves are rustling as they gust through the hills of New England.

We shot this in one of our favorite places. It’s fairly remote but there’s a maintained dirt road that goes on for miles. We parked along the side of the road and just started letting nature do its thing!

Aerial New England Fall Foliage

Last week I talked about how vibrant the foliage was popping here in New England and how busy we have been trying to capture scenes of nature with all the pretty reds, oranges, yellows along with blue skies and green lush evergreens. This week we compiled a video of aerial footage of the colors which make it look even more amazing! Set to classical and other music for a background, we take you over the forests but also fly over small villages with white steeple churches that New England is famous for. The hills are alive with color and seeing them from the air is the best way to do that.

Fall Waterfall Sounds

Among the scenes we’ve been capturing lately was a tiny waterfall flowing out of a beaver pond surrounded by autumn colors. It makes such a nice sound and I felt that the scene would make a great longer video that could be used as a background for ambience, relaxing or sleeping. This weeks video is a loop of the small waterfall for you to enjoy no matter what you need it for!

2020 New England Fall Foliage Scenes

The leaves have been showing more color every day for the past few weeks and we’ve been out capturing different scenes showing what fall in New England looks like. We traveled down back roads and had a lot of early mornings to find the right scenes and I hope you enjoy what we have put together for you. This year the colors seem more vibrant than every. Maybe it’s just that we’ve spent more time inside this year than others but the reds, oranges and every other color that mother nature throws at us this time of year just seem more vibrant than every. We are truly blessed to live in this corner of the world!

Clouds with Wind Sounds

Who hasn’t laid down in a field and looked up and watched the clouds float by? Here’s a two hour video doing just that. Enjoy the crisp white clouds float against a cobalt blue sky while listening to the sound of wind. This video makes a great back drop for relaxation, meditation or any time you want something natural playing in the background.

Wind Sounds

One of the hardest sounds to capture authentically is wind. It’s also one of the softest and peaceful sounds if done right. We recently capture the sound of wind blowing through the autumn leaves. We know a lot of people have been enjoying our New England Night Chorus video which features a dark screen for sleeping or relaxing and this video too features a dark screen for sleeping or relaxing. It’s pure wind sound looped for 10 hours just for you!

Sunrise above the clouds!

Here’s a quick clip of the sunrise above the clouds! We were out filming for an upcoming video and were capturing the hills that formed islands while they valley’s filled with fog. It was right before dawn and the drone turned just in time to see the sun peak above the horizon. Enjoy this peaceful scene and stay tuned for the aerial video of the fall colors here in New England!

Barnyard Sights and Sounds

Here’s a video for anyone who grew-up on a farm or longs to be in the country and hear the sounds of barnyard animals. Watch and listen with us we swing wide the barn doors and release the chickens, ducks and turkey’s from their nightly roost to start their day frolicking in the barnyard. It’s quite a ruckus listening to all of them as they flood out the door and are given food and water to start their day. For those that grew-up on a farm this will bring back some memories and for those longing to be in the country put on some headphones and immerse yourself in this binaural audio recording of farm animals!

New England Wetlands

Often when we are thinking about peaceful natural scenes we don’t think of wetlands but wetlands can offer a peaceful space and sounds when trying to relax. You know from our previous videos that we provide peaceful scenes like you see in places like CBS’s Sunday Morning Nature Segment and these scenes may remind you of some of those. Wetlands are some of the first places to see foliage changes and since our videos are delayed by several weeks these scenes were shot in early September and you can see colors starting to show up in the foliage!